Accepted Papers

A Probabilistic Mechanism for Agent Discovery and Pairing Using Domain-Specific Data
Dimitrios Traskas, Julian Padget and John Tansley.

Reputation-based Agreements: From Individual to Collective Opinions
Roberto Centeno, Ramon Hermoso and Viviane Torres da Silva.

Initial Steps Towards Run-Time Support for Norm-Governed Systems
Visara Urovi, Bromuri Stefano, Kostas Stathis and Alexander Artikis.

Multi-Agent System Adaptation using 2-LAMA Architecture in a Peer-to-Peer Scenario
Jordi Campos, Maite Lopez-Sanchez and Marc Esteva.

Generating New Regulations by Learning from Experience
Jan Koeppen and Maite Lopez-Sanchez.

An Adherence Support Framework for Service Delivery in Customer Life Cycle Management
Leelani Wickramasinghe, Christian Guttmann, Michael Georgeff, Ian Thomas, Hamid Gharib, Simon Thompson and Heinz Schmidt.

Norm Emergence in Tag-Based Cooperation
Nathan Griffiths and Michael Luck.

Are we Modeling Norms?
Viviane Silva, Christiano Braga and Karen Figueiredo.

Shared Mental Models: A Conceptual Analysis
Catholijn Jonker, M. Birna van Riemsdijk and Bas Vermeulen.

Coactive Design
Matthew Johnson, Jeffrey Bradshaw, Paul Feltovich, Catholijn Jonker, Birna van Riemsdijk and Maarten Sierhuis.

Towards a Model of Social Coherence in Multi-agent Organizations
Philippe Pasquier, Erick Martinez and Ivan Kwiatkowski.

Rational Strategies for Autonomous Norm Adoption
Natalia Criado, Estefania Argente and Vicent Botti.

Identifying conditional norms in multi-agent societies
Bastin Tony Roy Savarimuthu, Stephen Cranefield, Maryam Purvis and Martin Purvis.

A Normative Framework for the Evaluation of Wireless Grids
Tina Balke, Marina De Vos, Julian Padget and Frank Fitzek.